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On Sunday 5/30/2004 Akasha moved on to the Rainbow Bridge. She had been sick all week, went to the vet on Thursday, 5/27 and the vet said she was dehydrated, but didn't find anything else wrong with her and she appeared to be on the mend. They gave her SubQ fluids to re-hydrate her and sent her home. I finally got her to eat some food on Friday night and Saturday morning and she had started drinking water again, but later that afternoon I found blood in her litterbox.

We rushed her into the emergency vets and they did extensive testing on her. The tests revealed that she had CRF. They also suspect that she was at least 6-8 years older than what we were told when we got her from the shelter 4 years ago.

After the extensive reading I did on CRF on Saturday night, it became very apparent to me that she had signs of this for at least a year, but her other vets never picked up on it either even after she was in last summer and very ill and I had never heard of CRF until this past weekend. Unfortunately we learned too late and there was little we could do for her.

Akasha, you will be forever in our hearts. We miss you so much. I miss you sitting on the back of my desk chair and tickling me with your feather like tail. We miss your nightly patrols, checking to make sure that we are all ok as you made your rounds throughout the entire house. I miss your purring as you kneaded my blankets whenever I laid on the bed and the rolling in my hands to get your chin and ears scratched. I miss the sweet little kisses you would give to us when you were happy and content. I miss the way you used to play, batting at the air because you couldn't focus in on things if they were too close to your precious face. We miss the twinkling sound of your bells as you strolled down the hallway leading to our bedrooms and all the times you "yelled" at us because we were gone too long. You were so used to me being here all day and night, that when we left for a few hours here and there, both you and Sebastian always hated it and you never hesitated to let me know it.

Sebastian is missing your teasing ways to get him to chase you all over the house, and of course he is missing sharing his nightly meal with you. He still goes over to where you ate checking to see if anything is left there for him. He also has been sitting and sleeping in all your favorite places, places he never paid any attention to until you were gone.

Be at peace my dear sweet kitty, we shall meet again someday.

This article was published on Sunday 08 July, 2007.
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