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Meow!  Miaow! Hello & Welcome!

Welcome to Cat's Back Alley. This site was originally started to brag about my kitty cats and of course its still partially that. In addition to tidbits of information and photos of the 5 cats we currently share our house with we have expanded to include photos of our visitors cats, cat health and information regarding cats or pets in general which can be found in the cat news section, dedications and memorials to cats we've loved and lost over the years, cat humor, poetry and just about anything we can find about finicky felines.

Sebastian is a 8 year old black & white male domestic long haired kitty. He weighs in at about 18 pounds and has the longest darn tail I ever saw on a cat! His tail is approximately 13 inches long! He's spunky, playful and made himself at home quite quickly. His favorite hobby is following me around the house all day and watching the birds and chipmunks play in our back yard. He also loves to watch TV - his favorite channel is Animal Planet and he absolutely loves the movie Paulie.

Since Sebastian suffers from Feline Urinary Tract Disease (FLUTD) I figured I would let you all know more about it and what you can do to help your cat if you too have a cat with FLUTD or want to help prevent it from ever happening to you. After 2 life threatening trips to the Vet with Sebastian over the last 3 years, its not a scene I would like to repeat. He absolutely hates and refuses to eat the prescription cat food so we have had to find alternative foods to feed him that won't bring on new attacks. Below you will find some links to articles that give more information.



Shadoe joined our household on June 9, 2004, the first picture of him in the cage was his very first night with us. We got him within about 10 days after Akasha passed away because Sebastian was totally miserable without company around. Shadoe (AKA Fuzzbe) was adopted from the Animal Service League in Rochester NY. Shadoe quickly adopted Jenn my youngest daughter as his person and spends most of his time watching over her, getting into her things and knocking them off her desk, dressers and anyplace else she may have things - everything of certain sizes is still considered a toy to him. He loves to go out and sun himself in the fenced in area we now have since we bought a house. And as we were hoping, Shadoe helped pull Sebastian out of his depression after Akasha. During the 1st year of Shadoe being with us, Sebastian has been like a father to Shadoe, disciplining him when he's misbehaving - it was the funniest thing to watch.

We also share our household with Gabrielle who adopted me in January 2007 by jumping into my car while I was visiting a friend as I was about to leave. She was freezing and hungry and I couldn't resist her. After multiple ads being placed in the local newspaper, nobody claimed her so she is now here to stay.

During early winter of 2007 I met a new man and he moved in with me end of March 2007 and along with him came 2 more kitties - Macy & Ripley. Photo's coming soon of the last 3 feline additions to our household.

Needless to say its sometimes a bit crazy here as all 5 cats try to mesh together and figure out their pecking order. Ripley is shy and spends alot of time hiding in the bedroom and growls, hisses and attacks any of the other cats whenever they try to enter the bedroom but at other times she antagonizes them and provokes them into attacking her. Sebastian and Ripley seem to have a bug about each other. Gabby has something against Shadoe and growls whenever he looks at her wrong and Macy just seems to get along with everybody mostly.


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